1. Fill up and send us an ORDER FORM


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               MOP (mode of payment)


       Mode of Payment:

              Online or Bank transfers BPI, BDO, Metrobank


              BPI Savings Acct                

              Acct # 4509133463                 

                 Loie Angelli Abella     

              BDO Savings Acct     

              Acct # 012160015985                

              Loie Angelli Abella         

              Metrobank Savings Acct

              Acct # 6773677074893             

              Loie Angelli Abella

              Gcash transaction

              Loie Abella


2. Your invoice will be sent to you once order form has been submitted. We require our clients to arrange their payment within 48 ours after invoice is given. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of orders.

3. Kindly wait for the payment confirmation 1 to 2 days after sending your proof of payment. Once we have given the confirmation we will line up your orders for packaging and we shall schedule delivery/pick up. No rush orders please.